I wish i could tell the world of my pleasent experience with Dr. Kallel. I'm so so happy with the results and my new me ! Thank you so much Doctor !
When I met you Dr. Kallel you made me feel so comfortable with your unbelievable knowledge and professionalism of you job. Thank you for being the best !!!
Following the my injection of botox to prevent migraine in February, I would like to thank you. My migraines have decreased considerably. I waited several weeks before being sure that it was working also under the sun. Thanks again. To renew !
From the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank Dr. Kallel for the amazing breast surgery that he performed following the mastectomy I had undergone. I am fully satisfied with the aesthetic result and I have not expected such a good result. The symmetry is perfect and I have felt no pain. I feel like reborn thanks to this new breast, especially that I no longer have to remove and put back daily the external prosthesis that I used to wear. I also thank the team that welcomed me and a big up for the attention they provide to their patients. Thank you very much for helping me close this painful chapter.